Sabrina Giannini / Report

on behalf of the marine research and conservation organisations that we represent, we would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for your effectiveness in communicating the problem of overfishing and illegal fishing, and reporting the damage caused by destructive fishing gear to Mediterranean ecosystems and marine biodiversity.

In particular, we praise your efforts and those of your colleagues at Report in regard to highlighting the case of illegal driftnetting - a plague that kills thousands of dolphins, whales and other endangered and protected species every year.

Intelligent, dedicated and well-informed journalists who care about the marine environment can make a tremendous difference to support the ongoing efforts by our organisations and others to protect our wonderful but already damaged Mediterranean Sea.

Documenting destructive human activities that threaten marine life is of great importance. You have done that incredibly well with your work at Report, managing to get important results where others have failed as well as raising institutional and public awareness of an important problem.

Not many have the courage, determination and endurance necessary to succeed in this delicate and risky battle. You have demonstrated to possess all these qualities, together with excellent communication skills and a special understanding of exploitative and careless human behaviour.

We warmly thank you for your commitment so far, and we hope that you will be able to continue producing such outstanding work together with your colleagues at Report and all those who have been helping you. We would like to offer our support and collaboration whenever appropriate, and let you know that we are on your side.

As a sign of our appreciation we would like to confer to you the Cetacean Conservation Star for outstanding marine conservation action that has benefited whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea.

Giovanni Bearzi
President, Tethys Research Institute

Nicolas Entrup
Managing Director, WDCS The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Alexandros Frantzis
President, Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute

Tilen Genov
President, Morigenos - Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Society

Drasko Holcer
President, Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation

Chris and Genevieve Johnson

Sigrid Lüber
Chair, Cetacean Alliance
President, OceanCare

Barbara Mussi
Delphis - Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation

Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara
World Commission on Protected Areas - Marine
Honorary President, Tethys Research Institute

Simone Panigada
Chair, European Cetacean Society

Xavier Pastor
Executive Director, Oceana Europe

Ricardo Sagarminaga
President, Alnitak Marine Research Centre
Coordinator, Spanish Cetacean Society


The signatories of this letter represent a membership of roughly 400000 people














The Report (RaiTre) programmes on overfishing
and illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea:

Mare Nostrum (November 2008)

Mare Nostrum Update (May 2009)



Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Honorary President of the Tethys Research Institute, confers to Sabrina Giannini the Cetacean Conservation Star for outstanding marine conservation action that has benefited whales and dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Cetacean Conservation Star trophy.



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